How much does it cost me to have a puppy in NYC?

May 25, 2020

genghis pup 2

After figuring out how much money I spend on Seamless, I got curious about how much money I spend on my dog Genghis who I have had for about 6 months now.

After collecting and aggregating my transactions history and invoices, I found the following:

Total Adoption Costs = $1,950.00
Total Insurance Costs = $290.46
Total Vet Costs = $1,954.16
Total Food Costs = $2,005.50
Total Misc Costs = $2,751.88
Total Training Costs = $3,252.07
Total Daycare and Boarding Costs = $3,538.44

Total: $15742.51

That's a whopping total of $15742.51 spent in 6 months. 😱

A lot of these expenses however were one time start up costs like adoption fees, travel costs, neutering, crates, vacuum cleaning, air filters, puppy school, and vaccinations. But overall, this number is definitely unhealthy and I plan to cut back by doing following things:

  • Stop buying toys.
  • Cancel Barkbox subscription.
  • Stop buying chews like bone marrow, knee caps and pig ears. Also need to limit how many chews he gets.

Read on below if want to go through each category in more detail.


genghis pup

I adopted (or bought) Genghis from Wind Dial Farm, a Pembroke Welsh Corgi breeder based in Oswego, Kansas.

Now I know I should have adopted a dog from a shelter but I've always wanted a corgi. They just look so dumb and derpy. But yeah, I told myself that if I bought a dog from a breeder, then my second dog has be a shelter dog to justify this purchase 🤦🏻‍♂️.

Puppy = $1,600.00
Transportation = $350.00

Total Adoption Costs = $1,950.00

This categoery is luckily a one time cost so it does not require any actions.


Healthy Paws Monthly Premium = $48.41

Total Insurance Costs (6 months) = $290.46

I went with Healthy Paws for pet insurance at the recommendation of a co-worker. I didn't do enough research and I wish I did because they don't cover wellness and preventative care which includes:

  • Vaccinations or titer testing, flea control, heartworm medication, de-worming, nail trims, spaying/neutering and grooming
  • Parasite control
  • Dental healthcare including dental cleanings
  • Annual fecal and heartworm testing

Which you will see that I paid a ridiculous amount of money for in the next section. 😭

Vet Visits

genghis cone

I take Genghis to the Williamsburg Veterinary Clinic and usually see Dr. Sampsel. They treat the dog well and get the job done except for that one time the technician muzzled him to give him his shots. Genghis was a baby shark. 😔

This clinic is probably not the most affordable option but it is the most convinient for us living in Williamsburg.

First round of shots at 9 weeks old

Exam = $85.00
Fecal Ova and Parasite/Giardia (ELISA) = $73.36
Bordetella Oral Vaccine = $50.00
Deworming Treatment = $29.10
Heartgard = $50.00
Nexgard = $125.00

Total = $412.46

Second round of shots at 13 weeks old

Exam = $65.00
Distemper Hep. Para. Parvo - Series = $50.00
Leptospirosis - CGIP - Primary = $59.00
Rabies Vaccine 1 year = $50.00
FortiFlora Supplement = $44.77
Metronidazole Tiny Tabs 50mg = $51.20

Total = $319.97

Third round of shots at 16 weeks old

Exam = $65.00
Distemper Hep. Para. Parvo - 1yr = $50.00
Leptospirosis - CGIP - 1 year = $59.00
Fecal Ova and Parasite/Giardia (ELISA) = $73.36
Wellness/ Pre-op CBC (no electrolytes) = $89.23

Total = $336.59

Neutering at six months

Elizabethan Buster Collar = $17.00
Anesthesia - Canine = $237.60
Hospitalization Brief = $49.50
Pain Medication Injectable = $62.70
Maropitant (Cerenia) 10 mg/ml = $61.38
Carprofen 25 mg = $23.60
Neuter - Canine = $250.00
Laser Therapy Treatment - Post Operative = $71.50
Anal Sac Expression Only = $38.50
Fecal Ova and Parasite/Giardia (ELISA) = $73.36

Total = $885.14
Total Vet Costs = $1,954.16

It is hard to plan for vet visit. I hope I won't need to take Genghis to see the vet that often.

Food, Treats, and Chews

Food = $441.40
Treats = $365.63
Chews = $1,198.47

Total Food Costs = $2,005.50

Food: kibble, toppers, and dinner patties.

Treats: training treats, Kong filling, deli meat, and jerky treats.

Chews: pig ears, bully sticks, knee caps, cow ears, chicken feet, etc.

I relied on chews to keep the dog from destroying my apartment during his teething phase. It also helped with crate training and keeping him busy while I worked during the day.

⚠️ Cut back on chews.

Toys, Supplies, and Miscellaneous

Supplies = $1,289.83
Toys = $634.71
Candles = $175.37
Vacuum = $434.25
Air Filters = $217.72

Total Misc Costs = $2,751.88

Supplies: crates, leashes, collars, beds, crate covering, books, exercise pen, bowls, Nature's Miracle, apple bitters, etc.

Toys: balls, soft toys, hard chew toys, slow feeders, and puzzles.

I do not regret the Dyson Vacuum and Levoit air purifiers/filters since it helps with all the allergens and dander in the air.

⚠️ Cut back on toys and do a further breakdown of Supplies.


genghis with karishma

The Dog Institute of Williamsburg

Baby Puppy Club Package A = $380.00

Total = $380.00

We went to the Dog Institute of Williamsburg mostly for their puppy playgroups to socialize Genghis with other puppies since we couldn't take him to the dog park before all of this shots. Their training puppy classes did not work very well for us.

Calm Canine Academy

Initial Session (1.5 hrs) = $108.88
Day Training (1 hr) - 10 Pack = $1,050.00
Basic Training Private Sessions (1 hr) - 5 pack = $570.00
Day Training (1 hr) - 10 Pack = $1,143.19

Total = $2,872.07

We've been working with Karishma Warr the Head of Training & Behavior at Calm Canine Academy since the very first week of having Genghis. He's the good boy that he is today thanks to her.

Total Training Costs = $3,252.07

Daycare and Boarding

genghis hawaii

Daycare at Happy Dogs Southside - 1 day = $43.55
Boarding at Happy Dogs Southside - 1 night = $108.88
Board & train with Calm Canine Academy - 17 nights = $3,386.01

Total Daycare and Boarding Costs = $3,538.44

I went on vacation to Sydney and Hawaii for 2 weeks. 😭

⚠️ Stop travelling.